Sunday, 22 April 2012

Wildfox White Label

Ok so regular readers will know that I am a massive Wildfox fan. I love the ethos behind the brand - 'Inspired by sleepovers, beautiful books, fairies, dreams, vintage t-shirts and their friendship, the young designers gave birth to a brand based on love and having fun! Things had gotten too serious in the world of fashion, and it was time for a change.'

Absolutely a huge marketing ploy but sweet non the less. I imagine the Wildfox girls sit looking out onto LA through their studio window, sipping their morning Latte's, wondering how they are going to get those mermaid sequins onto the skeleton tee and most importantly which Fleetwood Mac song they are going to play first to get the creative juices going that morning. The perfect life right?

But back to the real world and their newly released White Label range - for those of you that want something a little more special than your average Wildfox tee this is still full of horses, crests and cutesy Americana with the much loved Wildfox style stamped all over it but offers something a little more grown up.

Let us know what you think of the collection and which is you favourite piece below...

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